Verification Framework for the ELEMENT Project

Published: 27 April 2020

Authors: Rodrigo Almeida and Andrew MacGillivray (Wood plc)

The Verification Framework Report (VFR) outlines the proposed processes and assessment activities that will enable the appropriate verification activities, validation of the design and underpinning calculations and coding activity, and also the on and offshore testing phases that will be carried out over the project duration. It defines the verification and validation objectives, and the scope of these activities at relevant stages of the project, and how it is envisaged that the project will be subject to appropriate verification and validation of results.

The VFR comprises of a number of sections relevant to each stage in the project verification – namely design verification, onshore verification, and offshore verification (tow testing, inshore testing, and offshore testing). The level of detail contained in this document is to be appropriate for the type of project being delivered and needs to be sufficiently detailed to manage the project verification process effectively.