Tidal energy can provide a new source of clean, abundant and predictable energy to many regions of the world. ELEMENT is one of a constellation of EU projects aimed at accelerating the development of technologies and infrastructure to harness this power.

ELEMENT (Effective Lifetime Extension in the Marine Environment for Tidal Energy) is a €5 million project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. It will show how artificial intelligence can slash the cost of tidal energy by an estimated 17 percent, bolstering the case for tidal energy as an important part of the world’s future energy mix.

From mid-2019 to May 2023, eleven academic and commercial partners will develop and demonstrate the ELEMENT control system in operation at Scotland’s Shetland Tidal Array. This site, the world’s first offshore tidal array, is home to some of the world’s leading renewable energy research projects led by tidal technology pioneers Nova Innovation.